Winter Wonders in Brussels: a heart-warming christmas market!

Nestled at the heart of Brussels, the Winter Wonders Christmas market is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

During 5 weeks, 240 wooden chalets will take their winter quarters in the city centre, giving visitors an ideal opportunity to (re)discover our beautiful city in winter.

These stalls rival in inventiveness that will charm the eyes of passer-by and the taste buds of visitors who will have a nibble of specialities from all around the world before finding the best present to offer or to buy for oneself.  At nightfall, magical lights, colourful decorations and a warm atmosphere will all contribute to sharing some truly magic moments that will awaken childhood memories.

The Place Sainte Catherine... truly essential

The stalls on the Place Sainte Catherine will please the fussiest eater: salmon cooked on embers, Belgian waffles and artisan hot wine in an original cask...


Find out more at: Winter Wonders