2 Many Deejays – Scratch Battle & After Party


23/02/2019 - 23/02/2019

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Café Floréo organizes on Saturday, February 23rd the famous Battle Scratch “2 Many Deejays”. For this first edition of the year 2019 the winner of the Battle will have to face the winner of the previous edition aka Dj Smooz !

The Battle will end as usual in the evening, with your luxury hosts, Dj Odilon & dj Schame.

It is a freestyle scratch Battle in 2 rounds on two 1min30 imposed beats, for the first battle a random draw will be made to determine “Who against whom ?”, then small and big final.

The Grand Winner will be given a cocktail of which only the Floréo has the secret, then above all he will leave with the cup, the famous…..

The Jury will be composed of Dj Schame, Dj Odilon, and you the audience, the applaud meter will be the 3rd voice !

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