19/12/2021 - 19/12/2021


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Manu hears everything.
The fish of the neighbours upstairs,
the small hand of Joeri’s Mickey Mouse watch,
the lady next door varnishing her nails,  
even the fizz in the Cola bottle …

Manu and Wim, two brothers. One of them is hypersensitive, the other is deaf. One of them collects things, the other plays the drum. One of them tries desperately to hear nothing, the other tries desperately to hear something. 

After a quarrel gets out of hand, Wim runs away. Everyone is worried.
Days go by with no sign of life. A search, bloodhounds, helicopters, but to no avail. Only Manu, his hypersensitive brother, could find him and bring him back.
Will Manu dare to set foot outside and can he defy all the sounds? Or will the quest to find his brother end fatally?  

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