Alain Altinoglu


15/04/2022 - 15/04/2022

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The La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra has existed officially for 250 years: but what did it play in its early days, in the second half of the eighteenth century? Did a homegrown symphonic repertoire exist? What great successes did our musicians accompany from the pit? And what other masterpieces did they play?

At the time, Grétry’s opéras-comiques were immensely popular, in France and here in the Brussels; it was the era in which the symphonies of Pieter Van Maldere were published in their home country and gained international acclaim, and in which the grand Viennese Classical style reigned supreme, with Mozart at the helm. And hadn’t the young prodigy, when visiting these parts not long before, sat on Van Maldere’s knees when the latter was still Music Director of La Monnaie? This concert offers you a chance to explore both forgotten and cherished treasures from the rich early years of the La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra.

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