Aleksandra Chaushova - 'The Object and his Father: A Bug Story'


06/09/2018 - 27/10/2018

Il contenuto non è disponibile in Italiano, perciò viene mostrato in un'altra lingua.

The Object and his Father : a Bug Story is the first part of a double exhibition. The second one will take place in Museum M Leuven in April 2019.

The necessity of being on the good side is essential to any human being. It is just, it ensures belonging to a fair-minded group of people; and if it’s too vain to think about becoming part of the good side of history, then at least it promises a private eternity.
That is why there existed special language rules in all correspondence regarding the Final solution – “evacuation”, “special treatment”, “change of residence” instead of killing – as points out Hannah Arendt in Eichman in Jerusalem. These language rules however, continued to exist in other systems, long after the Second World War was over. The words changed, but the guilt free principle remained the same. Thus we found a report of an officer regarding the recruitment of an Object as an informer for a State security. This Object would write on yet other Objects in the future – The Hesitant One or Spinning Top, all these phrases as an excuse of intervening with private lives.
A subject is turned into an object, a person into a substance, very much in the same way as death does it. And precisely this mortality confirms that they indeed don’t have place into eternity, nor the good side.

But whose eternity is this?

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