11/12/2019 - 11/12/2019


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Amilli is back with new single "Oh My". The 19 year old German singer/songwriter shares an intriguing uptempo track and showcases a new side to her creative vibe. Staccato synths and a kind of robotic yet danceable beat bear comparisons with early 2000s RnB production. Her message is clear: "do your thing and don ́t let the negative energy get to you!". Amilli ́s voice manoeuvres over the beat in a laidback manner, nearly rapping. After a run of introspective singles, Amilli picks up on her debut single "Rarri" soundwise as well as visually. Not far from the street she was riding down her BMX for "Rarri", the video for "Oh My" was created. "Rarri" really exploded amongst the blogosphere and industry, causing discussions everywhere and a lot of buzz. The video spread and gathered 600000 views very quickly and organically, whilst on Spotify she picked up many playlists from Spotify resulting in a stunning 2.9 million streams so far and counting. Schön Magazine featured her and Pigeons and Planes spoken about her alongside The Line of Best Fit whilst hitting the #1 position on Hype Machine.

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