Amina Figarova 6tet


30/11/2018 - 30/11/2018

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One of the most interesting jazz band out there that demonstrates what no-nonsense jazz can be. Amina Figarova is a globe-trotting Azerbaijan-born, now New York-based composer/pianist/bandleader with more than a dozen recordings to her credit. She has toured extensively, developing a tight-knit ensemble that has attained a distinctive and inimitable voice by concentrating on all-original repertoire for almost 18 years. During that period the Amina Figarova Group triumphed on the main stage of the Newport Jazz Festival, was invited repeatedly to New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, won critical and audience acclaim in Chicago, Detroit, Paris, Amsterdam — and, of course, New York.
An awaited yearly visit to the Village, in a pure New-York new setting, not to be missed.

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