10/10/2022 - 10/10/2022


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2021 is the year in which Anthrax blows out 40 candles; They marked the occasion in this Corona year especially with a 40-part online series of testimonials from the likes of Chuck D, Kerry King, Slash, Rob Zombie, Dave Grohl, Keanu Reeves among many more. With a year’s delay, they also come to celebrate as they should: with a live show in AB!The metal band that formed The Big Four of trash metal (together with Slayer, Metallica & Megadeth) has released 11 studio albums in their career and has multiple golden albums and Grammy nominations to its name. In '91, they were one of the first metal bands to work with black artists (Public Enemy) and in 2021 they were the first metal band ever to be heard on the planet Mars, which makes them still very topical these days. The support-act for this celebration will be Municipal Waste. 

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