Antwerp Symphony Orchestra


08/03/2020 - 08/03/2020

Antwerp Symphony Orchestra

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In addition to being a major contemporary musician, English pianist Paul Lewis is a friend of Ghent-based conductor Philippe Herreweghe, both of whom will be on our stage for a concerto, Mozart’s wonderfully delicate Piano Concerto No. 27. This work, full of light and shade, is the final one that Mozart performed as a soloist, resulting in a cohabitation of the grace and interiority characteristic of its composer. In another universe inhabited by very different characters, the Maurerische Trauermusik (Masonic Funeral Music), through its intensity and grounding in the polyphonic tradition, brings to mind the dramatic proportions of the famous Requiem. Finally, it’s time to make way for the velvety tones of Brahms’ sublime and poetic Second Symphony. 

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