Arde Madrid


16/12/2018 - 16/12/2018

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Arde Madrid takes us to 1961, in the midst of Franco's dictatorship, where Ava Gardner enjoyed with an elite of artists and aristocrats of what was the Dolce Vita in Madrid. In ARDE MADRID Paco Leon (Kiki, el amor se hace) keeps digging into Spain’s vibrant way of life with the help of an amazing cast.(ES, 2018, season 1, ep. 1 & 2, OV ES st FR-EN, 2 x 54’)Creators: Paco León, Anna R. CostaDirector: Paco LeónWith: Inma Cuesta, Paco León, Debi MazarProduction Companies: Ady Joke, Movistar+?Broadcaster: Movistar+Preceded by a Web Serie: L'ARÈNE>>> BUY YOUR SCREENINGS ACCESS PASS

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