Aren - Benjamin Verdonck / Toneelhuis


31/01/2019 - 02/02/2019

Aren - Benjamin Verdonck / Toneelhuis

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A gleaner walks behind the harvesters and picks up the ears of grain that were left on the field. In the creation of a piece of art, many ideas are left strewn around the studio. In AREN (which also means ‘harvest’ and ‘revenue’), Benjamin Verdonck takes you on a journey to the unproduced or incomplete works in his studio, including the design for a tunnel from the National Bank to the florist’s shop across the street, a box of magic tricks, a collection of unused food vouchers, a new Fabergé egg, and a collection of rat traps that don’t work. You can expect to see installations, a cabinet of curiosities, and a miniature theatre.
• Benjamin Verdonck is an all-round artist. He creates visual and performing art – poetic, graceful, and compelling – both within theatres as well as outside. He has previously performed We don’t speak to be understood (with Pieter Ampe) at Kaaitheater, and last season he presented Het houten ezeltje and Song for Gigi here.
'Gewoon Niet Doen.'  Meeting Benjamin Verdonck - read the article on the Imagine2020 Grand Tour blog

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