Carrots & Keyboards


21/03/2019 - 21/03/2019

Carrots & Keyboards

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Brussels is a village bursting with musical talent. That is why Zinnema opens its doors one Thursday a month for a free concert. After the jam session spectators themselves can crawl behind the instruments for a game of improvisation.
On the program: encounters between musicians from far and wide, hybrid creations with new arrangements and, especially, a lot of atmosphere. And free soup for all musicians.

In 2019 MetX sets out to conquer Brussels. This house -of and for the musicians- organizes public jams in cultural houses and other places in the city. With the Jam Supreme sessions, MetX and their cultural partners want to ignite the neighborhoods of our city.
The next MetX Jam Supreme will take place at Zinnema. Nicolas Hauzeur invites us to explore the Balkan repertoire.

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