Claire Andrzejczak


05/09/2019 - 27/10/2019

Claire Andrzejczak

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Claire Andrzejczak‘s (b. France, 1984) practice is evolving around a meticulous examination of overlooked or imperceptible phenomena. In her approach she coined as ‘active contemplation’ she experiments with different materials to grasp their visual-haptic aspects while she also considers the intangible as the materiality of thoughts also central to her work. Such investigations of the slightly visible and of the invisible imply a paradox: she uses materials to reveal not what disappears, but the very fact that something appears – which can be, at times, the reminder of something latent, uncharted or withdrawn from observation. Claire Andrzejczak had a solo exhibition – Letter 1: To the lighthouse – at Bureau des Réalités, Brussels (2017). Group exhibitions include: Ephemeral permanence, Félix Frachon Gallery (2018); Private Choices Part II, private exhibition space of Frédéric de Goldschmidt (2017); Back Office, Hotel Bloom Penthouse (2017); Encoding the Urban, Kunsthalle de Mulhouse (2016); (A)-curated, Will Kerr Studio (2016); Embodiment, Nationa(a)l (2015); Accidental Colors, Belgisch Instituut voor Normalisatie (2015).

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication with a text by Romuald Demidenko.

As part of Brussels Gallery Weekend and Brussels Drawing Week

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