Claude Cattelain / Exposition Straight Ahead


11/10/2018 - 01/12/2018

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Belgian artist Claude Cattelain’s exhibition Straight Ahead sums up the research he conducted during his three-year residence at the Maison d’Art Actuel des Chartreux. He has created new videos and three-dimensional works that pursue and expand on his thoughts on the interplay of tension and balance.
An artist-manufacturer, with a touch of the stuntman, Claude Cattelain is a video-maker, performer, drawer, installation designer and photographer. He has followed an unusual path that led him to dismantle the structure of his paintings one after the other (from 1999), create unstable constructions (in 2000), buy a camera to film his failures that he would develop later in his performance. Snapping, breaths, footsteps, clanking, clicking, scraping, but also repetition are many words that resonate in the artist’s work.
Through experimentation, such as holding planks against walls with heavy steel bars, hoisting his body between corridor walls with wooden cleats, suspending himself in the void, playing whirling dervish, sweeping waves, walking on the spot for many hours to create drawings, or a video where he digs himself into the sand, so far as to erode his feet, Claude Cattelain puts the body and materials to the test, to push their limits and understand their breaking points and how they fit into space. He allows three types of actions to coexist, that are always achieved through endurance: the actions that happen with an audience, the actions that allow him to create a structure that he can leave in a space (or a mark on paper), and the action of filming.
For Straight Ahead, he designed two immersive installations. In the space outside the MAAC, visitors are presented with a set-up with two sheds where videos are projected. The visually open installation at the back displays a ground completely covered with wet clay, marked with prints and tracks from previous performances. In demonstrating the proceedings of the previous performance, the installation allows the artist’s actions to be read, the actions shown become essential to the work’s perception.

As Karim Ghaddab pointed out in his text for the exhibition at L’H du Siège Gallery, with Claude Cattelain “the exhibition is not the time to pause and take stock that it represents for most artists; it’s another temporality, a unique format and the opportunity to embark on new experiences.”
Familiarised with the spaces at MAAC, Claude Cattelain examined the possibilities offered by the venue to create his activity space. The coming together of three principal elements of his approach – a body (the artist’s), a place and materials, and using their physical, visual and mechanical characteristics – created this Straight Ahead exhibition, running from 12th October to 01st December 2018.
Nancy Suárez