DOUBLE BILL: À Travers l'Autre + 1 ON 1


21/11/2019 - 21/11/2019

DOUBLE BILL: À Travers l'Autre + 1 ON 1

Il contenuto non è disponibile in Italiano, perciò viene mostrato in un'altra lingua.

Most works in progress we show at WIPCOOP ‘progress’ to something much bigger. Many talents find their way to stages in Belgium and abroad. The same is true for Les Mybalés, who presented À travers l’autre at WIPCOOP 2017, and Karim Kalonji, who showed his 1 on 1 to the public in 2018. On Thursday 21 November you have a chance to witness both performances on one night, as a double bill. Sign up for this meeting with the promising makers of tomorrow.

Twin sisters Doris and Nathalie Bokongo Nkumu make up Les Mybalés together and are wellknown KVS faces by now. These urban dancers combine elegance and grace with moments of violent intensity. As twins, they feel connected by a shared history and a sense of complicity. For À travers l’autre they examine the meaning and symbolism of twinhood in various cultures. Their research results in a poetic performance that draws you into the remarkable universe of the sisters.

1 ON 1 / Karim Kalonji

1 ON 1 is breakdance terminology for a dance battle between two opponents. But in truth the battle is an internal struggle. It’s really you against yourself. You need to have self-constraint, need to know your limits, overcome your fears and doubts. If you do that, you never lose.

Karim Kalonji is an established name in the breakdance scene, who also showcased his dance talents in KVS (co-)productions Malcolm X and Kuzikiliza. He is fascinated by the style known as ‘Old School’ in hip hop, but especially by the behaviour of those who have developed a feeling of frustration through the years. It’s a well-known phenomenon everywhere: pioneers who become jealous and begrudge everyone else’s success. ‘Everything used to be better in the old days!’ Old School versus New School: just like a father- and-son relationship. 1 ON 1 is a multilingual monologue full of humour. Karim Kalonji takes you on a personal journey through the hip hop culture of the eighties and nineties, using lots of samples on the way.

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