Damien Caumiant – ‘Firewalk’


10/11/2021 - 16/01/2022

Damien Caumiant – ‘Firewalk’

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Damien Caumiant – "Firewalk"

When the path fades, shadows and illusions emerge.

It was no longer a question of following any limit, a predefined pattern, or the footsteps of a man, but of committing oneself to free space, without reference points, open to forms, colours and matter.
A subterranean quest, with his faith as a driving force and his flame as a guide.

For we are talking about fire. Ordinary fire or divine fire, the fire of the body or the heart, fire of the entrails or heavenly fire.
A glow that springs from the depths of a cave, blesses a rock, illuminates a city, lights up a cave, illuminates beings and reveals the traces of a sensitive, vulnerable world.
Echo of an imminent or already past tragedy, sublime scene of a land impregnated with its mysteries.
Myth or mirage?
The nature of the landscape is revealed in a dialectic of absence and appearance, attraction and abandonment.

Translation: Louise Jablonowska

Damien Caumiant's dossier was selected by the jury of "Propositions d'artistes" 2020, an annual call for projects initiated by Contretype.

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