Découvrez Bruxelles: Maison Delune


04/01/2020 - 04/01/2020

Découvrez Bruxelles: Maison Delune

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Discover House Delune in Ixelles, an art nouveau mansion with a turbulant history. Named after the architect Léon-Joseph Delune, the villa was built in 1904 at the request of a rich widow. Subsequently it was used as a pavilion for the World Expo of 1910, as an office for the German occupation during WWII, and as a squat. In 1994, the villa was completely restored, including its dome with sgraffiti made by the famous Paul Cauchie.

The tour ends at 6pm. After the tour, you can attend the concert 'Happy 2020!' with Brussels Philharmonic at Flagey. There's also a combiticket for both the tour and the concert. Discover it here!

Flagey, Muntpunt, Brussels Philharmonic


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