Der Ring ohne Worte


28/06/2019 - 28/06/2019

Der Ring ohne Worte

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‘Having created the invisible orchestra [in Bayreuth], I would like to invent the invisible theatre!’ Wagner once remarked. Although the orchestra in this concert will be visible as a prominent presence onstage, The Ring. An Orchestral Adventure fulfils the composer’s wish by telling the whole story of his famous tetralogy without singers. Henk de Vlieger’s adaptation brings the instrumental highlights of the epic, fifteen-hour cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen together in one symphony, highlighting Wagner’s talent for orchestration and dramatic power. In the able hands of the Belgian National Orchestra and its principal conductor Hugh Wolff this concert will prove an eye-opener for some, a rediscovery for others, but in either case a grand finale of the 2018-19 symphonic season.


Richard Wagner
The Ring. An Orchestral Adventure (arrangement Henk de Vlieger)

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