Devin Townsend


20/04/2022 - 20/04/2022

Devin Townsend

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This concert will be postponed to a new date that has yet to be confirmed.Artist statement:Hey all, Devin here. As absurd as it may sound in this day and age, I am (cautiously) pleased to announce a tour with Dream Theater. Over the past few years, I've found myself in the company of those cats, and I think they're good people and of course, a monster band. I look forward to playing things from the multiple new releases coming up, as well as from my entire catalogue. It's a tour that will be sure to yield great musical moments, and confusion for all =) Thanks for the opportunity DT... see you soon with DT featuring DT =) Also: I know so many of you have been understanding and patient as we reschedule the headline shows from more than a year ago. It has been chaos on every level, but It’s beginning to see the dawn as dates as being proposed. Please hang on just a little longer and we'll have information for you soon.You will be contacted personally by e-mail as soon as the new date is known. Please wait for this email before contacting us with questions concerning refunds and other inquiries. 

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