Djangofolllies | Paulus Schäfer Trio & Jacco van Santen


11/01/2019 - 11/01/2019

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The most interesting music is often created by the combination of different styles and musicians from different traditions. Gypsy music is known for its special ability to combine and create symbiosis, while maintaining its unique gypsy sound. The talented Dutch Gypsy jazz guitarist Paulus Schäfer manages to reach high standards through partnerships with well-known names from the jazz world. In his new project, the Band, with saxophonist Jacco van Santen, one can witness the search for the revival of the Bebop of Charlie Parker in a unique Gypsy jazz atmosphere. Jacco plays his special synthetic Grafton saxophone, the same model Charlie Parker used to make a number of brilliant recordings in the 1950s.

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