"Elefantes" Mexico-Opera for children & adults


20/04/2019 - 20/04/2019

Il contenuto non è disponibile in Italiano, perciò viene mostrato in un'altra lingua.

Mauricio Jiménez Hernández – tenor, Zab di Paul Blanco Antonio - actor.
Kevin Mauricio García Gallardo – actor, Fernanda Allande - soprano.
Luis Felipe Losada Cano - bajo barítono, Ángel Luna Flores - tenor
Adrián David Juárez Martínez – piano, Oliver Ochoa- tenor

Achieving "sold out" shows in the 2014, 2015 and 2017 editions of the Children's Opera Series "The opera is only stories and ... also the ballet" organized by the National Center for the Arts in Mexico City; this production of "Opera Irreverente" has been selected as part of the programming of the Theater System of Mexico City, the billboard of Children's Theater and the Theater Marathon for Children and Youth of the National Institute of Fine Arts, and the "Alas y Raíces" program the Ministry of Culture (Mexico), among many others; likewise, have received the award from the Association of Theater Critics and Journalists (ACPT), which awards the best of theater in Mexico, in the category of "Theater for young audiences". Now they are traveling in europe presenting this pioneering work in their country, showing that the opera can be enjoyed in any language and at any age.



Art Base, Saturday 20/4/19 17h, 12,50E ( reduced 7E for students under 26 and jobseekers),
29 rue des Sables Zandstraat, 1000 Bruxelles. For reservations & more info to www.art-base.be

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