Equinoxes : Vivre !


17/12/2020 - 17/12/2020

Equinoxes : Vivre !

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Equinoxes is a platform of poetic readings created by Nathalie Guiot, founder of the Fondation Thalie and Barbara Polla, poet and gallery owner. Each month, Equinoxes brings together poets for an evening of poetic readings and performances.
The next edition will gather writers and musicians on the theme: Living!
This event is live broadcast on the website of the Fondation Thalie.

Guest readers: Dimitris Bampilis; Vincent Barras; Greta Bellamacina; Véronique Caye; Mélanie Chappuis; Marion Collé; Emmanuelle Destremau (akaa Ruppert Pupkin); Miranda Gold; Nathalie Guiot; Olivier Leroi; Naomi Melville; Robert Montgomery; Golnoosh Nour; Taïla Onraedt; Julien Serve; Jérémy Seydoux.

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