Erdal Erzincan & Ahmet Aslan


17/02/2019 - 17/02/2019

Erdal Erzincan & Ahmet Aslan

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The grand masters of Turkish folk music, Erdal Erzincan and Ahmet Aslan, are coming to BOZAR on 17 February 2019. To see these two virtuosos together on the same stage is a truly exceptional event. Erzincan perfected his traditional manner of singing and playing the baglama – a Turkish plucked instrument – at the Arif Sag Music School where he learned to play without a plectrum in a way that can be compared to the tapping method on guitar. As to Ahmet Aslan, he is very much a pioneer of a new generation of artists with a very particular interpretation of folk music. It was at the World Music Academy in Rotterdam that he developed the di-tar:? a mix of classical guitar and the baglama. A brand new instrument that you can hear during this concert.

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