Fapy Lafertin New Quartet - Manouche-jazz


30/11/2018 - 30/11/2018

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He may well be less well-known among the larger public, but connoisseurs of the genre know that Fapy Lafertin is one of the best guitarists in the Django-style. His phrasing and rhythmic precision make him the absolute reference that will always choose musicality over technicality or virtuoso dexterity. It is no wonder that he shared the stage with some of the great ones, such as Charlie Byrd, Milt Hinton, Stephane Grapelli and his childhood friend Koen De Cauter.

In this new quartet, Fapy surrounds himself with the young Belgian generation of Django-jazz: Alexandre Tripodi on the violin, Renaud Dardenne on the guitar and Cédric Raymond on the contrabass. Together they play a repertoire that not only conjures up manouche jazz and swing, but also choro influences and the most surprising personal compositions. Fapy Lafertin also plays the Portuguese guitar.

Fapy Lafertin: guitar, Portuguese guitar
Alexandre Tripodi: violin, viola
Renaud Dardenne: guitar
Cédric Raymond: contrabass

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