Focus: Samuel Ber


09/12/2018 - 09/12/2018

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The young Belgian jazz drummer Samuel Ber has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. He is the star of this double-bill concert in the “Young Belgian Drummers” series. Pentadox opens the concert. This brand-new quintet, with Ber, Sylvain Debaisieux, Bram De Looze, Guillaume Orti and Bo van der Werf, was originally made up of Ber, Debaisieux and De Looze. After three years of searching and playing together, Pentadox debuted its five-piece line-up this past March. Pentadox taps into a completely new sound palette, with plenty of original colours and textures thanks to the two saxophones, while also capitalising on the solid experience of van Bo der Werf and Guillaume Orti. Ber will partner with Jozef Dumoulin and Tony Malaby, two masters of improvisation, for the second set. The saxophonist is a giant on the international jazz scene and his musical digressions are beautifully offset by Jozef Dumoulin’s adventurous sound.

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