28/02/2019 - 28/02/2019

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Giant, by the international performer, choreographer and teacher Alesandra Seutin, currently based between London and Antwerp, is a revelatory piece of dance artistry, combining text, video installation, recorded music as well as audience participation, to create a moving and sometimes disturbing depiction of the Rwandan genocide. Realised through the arrestingly powerful artistry of FayB and Seutin’s attention to nuance, Giant is moving and confounding, but also devastating. 

Seutin’s ability to combine the theme of the contemporary genocide with the awareness of loss is truly remarkable. Her sense of control and focus with regard to the sensibilities she conveys is
breathtaking, giving us all a glimpse into a world which had been transmitted before only
through images of missing limbs and tales of communities engaged in an incomprehensible conflict with themselves. Seutin’s choreography shows that this is a story in which everyone
played a role - wittingly or unwittingly - and one for which we will all pay a heavy price in years to come.

An emotional journey to Rwanda translated into an urban legend, inspired by the country's realism and our role in its tragic recent history.

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