Hamlet - Lisaboa Houbrechts / Kuiperskaai


29/09/2018 - 29/09/2018

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The young director Lisaboa Houbrechts is tackling Hamlet. She has opted for the female perspective, focusing on the destructive relationship between Hamlet and his mother Queen Gertrude. Houbrechts primarily aims to illustrate Gertrude’s innocence and thus to show the iconic play in a radically different light.
The choice to stage this family drama came with the cast: actress and Needcompany member Grace Ellen Barkey plays Gertrude, Grace’s son Victor Lauwers plays Hamlet and her daughter Romy Louise Lauwers plays Ophelia. The parallel between the nuclear family in the play and the actual family onstage will undoubtedly heighten the narrative tension of the piece.
• Lisaboa Houbrechts and Kuiperskaai – a collective of young directors from Brussels – previously staged Shakespeare’s Winter's Tale and 1095, and they are now coming to the Kaaitheater for the first time. In her adaptations of historical stories and pieces from the classical repertoire, Houbrechts always presents the human person as an infinite succession of whims and desires.

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