Hommage Aznavour - 'For me Formidable'


13/03/2019 - 13/03/2019

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He was the oldest, the last giant. The ultimate incarnation of this generation of huge French singers but did not deny his Armenian origins, his home country that welcomed him as a hero and who was his ambassador and helped him to recover from the earthquake of 1988.

This singer-songwriter of more than 1,000 songs first wrote his lyrics and waited for this jewel to find an adapted musical shoe, melodies hummed by all generations.

He was recognized worldwide, including in the United States, as the greatest singer of the twentieth century and struggled to remain "at the top of the bill".

He had reserved his own money in 1963 Carnegie Hall New York, his favorite city and with his Anglo-Parisian accent it becomes the "French Sinatra" ... a real triumph.

Aznavour sang love, but also rupture, suffering, passing time, youth, homosexuality, and performed in concert in more than 100 countries, until his last concert in Japan in Osaka on September 19th ...

and Charles, this bulimic of work, open to the younger generation of singers even rappers, still had plenty of plans ... and thought to live 100 years and organize a concert that day!

Charles had even learned Chinese to be closer to his admirers and was proud of his 800 olive trees and the organic oil he produced.

Will stay all his tubes, from « La Bohème », « Emmenez moi », « La Mamma »
« Je m’voyais déjà » , « For Me Formidable »....

Finally, at the age of 93, his first Bercy .... after more than 30 years of real / fake farewell tours!

Edith Piaf had taken it in 1946 under her wing for 8 years at the beginning of her career and Charles welcomed the young Johnny Hallyday at his home for 2 years and composed him in 1962 "Retiens la nuit".

Johnny will have the honor of singing in the first part of his 1963 concert series at the Olympia.

Aznavour had proved that one could sing with a broken track and was finally happy to be recognized.

His precise gestures, his restraint, his voice, his way of making the word vibrate, will remain his trademark.

Charles has also appeared in more than 60 films including "Taxi for Tobruk", "Shoot the Pianist", "The Drum".

Walter Proost will lead the European Philharmonia for this "Homage" in symphonic mode of 24 "tubes" noted by the voices of Jo Lemaire and Patrick Riguelle for a tour that will pass near you in February 2019.

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