Just in Time (Letters to Dance) - deufert&plischke


27/04/2019 - 27/04/2019

Just in Time (Letters to Dance) - deufert&plischke

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Over the last three years, Kattrin Deufert and Thomas Plischke have collected thousands of ‘Letters to Dance’. In Berlin, Tel Aviv, New York, Düsseldorf, and Los Angeles, they visited schools, retirement homes, libraries, cafés, universities, community centres, youth movements, and public squares – looking for dialogue partners to talk about… dance. Conversations with young and old, a panoply of colours, fit and not so fit, about the most varied styles of dance. From urban, ballroom, and ballet to folk and contemporary dance. At the end they always asked the same two questions: “Would you write a hand-written note to ‘dance’ and would you describe or sketch your favourite dance move?”. A selection of these letters has since been published in book form and they are currently working on a complete online archive.
To celebrate the Day of Dance 2019, deufert&plischke are coming to Brussels to collect ‘Letters to Dance’ here for three weeks. To end the project with a bang, they are also inviting everyone to dance at a veritable Bal Populaire. The favourite dance moves that they collected locally will be the basis for a collective choreography. There will also be live music, surprise dance demonstrations, and live readings of ‘Letters to Dance’ by a number of big names in the Brussels dance scene.

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