Kapitein Winokio Berenconcerten


30/12/2021 - 30/12/2021

Kapitein Winokio Berenconcerten

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This concert is cancelled. Please refund yourself by logging onto your AB account and clicking on Request a refund.  In the event that you have purchased tickets in the ticket shop or via Ticketswap, please send a picture of your tickets with the details of your bank account to info@abconcerts.be. This performance is suitable for children of 3 years and older and is spoken in Dutch. To avoid problems at the entrance of AB, we would like to point out that every child needs a paying ticket to get access to the performance. We would like to refer to our house rules for this, which state that every child (including those under 12) must have a ticket for a seated performance in the AB Theater.HELP! Captain Winokio can't sit still anymore. And Madam Poes and the crew have tried EVERYTHING to help him: walking, flower arranging, air cycling, pumping, getting 2 buckets of water, nostril flapping and deep sea diving. However, nothing brought any relief. And so together they go in search of peace. A search that is brimming with jokes, surprisingly fun music genres and extremely relaxing. Bring your cuddly toy, sit back and relax, because we are going to chillax or 'chillen op de billen'.Kapitein Winokio: Winok SeresiaDirector: Warre BorgmansMevrouw de Poes: Marie-Anne CoppensIvanov/head music sailor: Ivan SmeuldersSterkevoet/guitars: Tim CoenenPetrolium/bass guitars: Peter PaskKarlito Bakermat/drums: Karel De BackerSound design: Pierre Leconte - SonoroLight design: Michel Jacobs - PopshopCostumes & production: Sarah Fissette

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