Kiki Morente & Friends


09/03/2019 - 09/03/2019

Kiki Morente & Friends

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‘You have to sing what you feel to convey a message,’ says Kiki Morente, the flamboyant son of the singer Enrique Morente. This legendary forerunner of the ‘nuevo flamenco’ handed down his passion and talent to his son, who is inspired by such masters as Manuel Vallejo, Pepe Marchena, Pepe Pinto and El Sevillano. ‘Flamenco is like a quest. You have to learn from older vocalists, combining their style with your own,’ says Kiki. This evening he will perform a selection from his most recent album Albayzín, guaranteeing a fantastic evening of granaína, bulerías, tangos, fandangos, soleá, sevillanas, polo, tarantos and heart-stirring flamenco dance.

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