Kit Armstrong


04/10/2018 - 04/10/2018

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Kit Armstrong will perform at the piano and the organ, during his solo recital as part of his “portrait”. He has chosen to play only Franz Liszt on this occasion, tackling the Hungarian composer’s legendary Piano Sonata in B minor, one of Liszt’s greatest achievements and a monument in this genre. Dazzlingly grandiose passages alternate with profoundly quiet and calm notes, in one, large balanced structure or 30 minutes of unbroken music. And just like Liszt interpreted the concept of the sonata in his own unique way, his approach to organ music was equally original, juxtaposing seemingly unrelated chords in symphonic compositions with massive grandeur. In the impressive Ad nos ad salutarem,, Kit Armstrong lets the calm and introspective music bloom in the direction of a splashing finale. .

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