Koko Slam Gang


16/04/2022 - 16/04/2022

Koko Slam Gang

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Koko? That means grandma in Lingala, one of four national languages of Congo. And Koko Slam Gang? That’s a whole bunch of Congolese grandmas who give their all on stage, joined by slam poets Joëlle Sambi and Lisette Lombé. 
This peculiar collaboration originated from Seniorenslam, a 2019 initiative by Urban Woorden and KVS. For Sambi and the Congolese grandmas, the experience left them wanting more. During a series of preparation workshops, they wrote down their stories in an act of catharsis. And now, they bring their words live on stage at KVS BOL for you. What can the elderly tell us that we might have forgotten? What powers do these women want to pass on? Which secrets do they carry, about love, migration, Belgium and Congo? We write big History and tell it through the small, intimate, personal stories of Koko Slam Gang.

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