Kokoro - Luna Cenere


05/03/2020 - 07/03/2020

Kokoro - Luna Cenere

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"Kokoro" is a singular Japanese word that we can translate as "interior me", but that literally encompasses two words: "mind" and "heart". A unit of the self that can characterise this solo by Luna Cenere, presented as an interior voyage that became a physical path through space. The nude body, with its specific architecture, is exposed and transfigured: it becomes a poetic medium that allows the emergence of elements borrowed from an imaginary world. The body appears hybrid, sometimes plant-like, sometimes animal-like, half woman half animal, swaying or erectile, hunched or majestic...
Luna Cenere was in residence this season at Les Brigittines as part of a partnership of exchanges with CANGO, the National Production Centre in Florence.

ABO MAXI - IN MOVEMENT : Prices 86€ / 65€ - 9 performances
ABO MIDI - IN MOVEMENT : Prices 55€ / 42€ - 5 performances
ABO MINI - IN MOVEMENT : Prices 35€ / 25€ - 3 performances

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