La Religion dans la Cité


22/02/2019 - 23/02/2019

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Religion in the City: BODY AND RELIGION

The body is one of those areas where gender continues to be a critical frontier. For this new series of debates, “Religion in the City” will thus open the floor to women – women thinkers, authors, artists, intellectuals...

Ten themes will be addressed:

the body and religion
the body as an identity
the body that loves, the bodily delights
the body that gives birth and transmits life
the secularised body
the symbolic body
the spiritual body, the body that dies
the mystical body
the hedonistic body, the body that is covered and uncovered
the body that transforms


These ten themes will explore several variables, crossing over the boundaries of religion and faith.

Initiated by Flagey, Le Soir, ULB

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