Le Lac des Cygnes... sur l'eau !


24/11/2019 - 24/11/2019

Le Lac des Cygnes... sur l'eau !

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In 2016 I happened to be invited in Hangzhou at the time the G20 Top took place there. And so I had the honour of watching a scene of "Swan Lake on the Water".

Heavily impressed I managed to go backstage where my interpreter introduced me to the team behind the production and where I could witness the incredible complexity of such a production.

It cost two years of research and multiple negociations to get the approval of the prestigious society of the Operas of East-Ukraine, member of Opera Europa to launch the first version of "Swan Lake on the Water".

Basins, fountains, water walls and projections will turn this great classic into a delicately modernised version where spectacular acts and intimate moments will merge together perfectly without however losing any of its strong qualities.

It will be in Belgium, end 2019 that this great adventure will start, followed by South and North America to come back to Europe via Spain and Portugal with the finale in Paris in 2020 !

A stunning spectacle !

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