Le grand atelier de textile Inca


24/03/2019 - 24/03/2019

Le grand atelier de textile Inca

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Drop in workshops!
4-10 years

- Design your own dress code and create a prototype using a peg doll
- Get your hands wet and start felting
- Learn weaving … in a matchbox!
- ‘Spool knitting’ – sounds fun, how does that go again?

And we’re just getting started – see it big! Try different textile and fiber techniques: finger knitting! crochet! weaving! macramé!… Your experiments are the building blocks for the central sculpture we will be shaping throughout the day.

Brussels in stitches!
- The Moroccan ladies from Femma Quartier found a lot they can relate to in the exhibition. They’ll bring their fabulous Fez embroidery along – and you can try too!
- Valérie Provost embroiders a city and she really needs your help. Sewing thread, patches, feathers and lots of imagination: everybody joins in!

What about the littles ones?
They will be contributing with excellent artistic advice and a keen sense of color! Color mixing, sensory boxes and books to discover: they should be well occupied for a while.

EXTRA – Clothes swap!
Bring along your worn (but still wearable) clothing and maybe you’ll leave with something new! Still not exactly what you were looking for? Fix it in our mini - repair café.

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