Lichens - Karine Ponties / Dame de Pic Cie


05/03/2020 - 07/03/2020

Lichens - Karine Ponties / Dame de Pic Cie Lichens - Karine Ponties / Dame de Pic Cie Lichens - Karine Ponties / Dame de Pic Cie

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Le Conte des contes (The Tale of Tales) is a Russian animated film produced in 1979 by Youri Norstein. Inspired by a traditional lullaby, the film was constructed as memory itself, as the structural texture of our conscience.
In turn, nourished by the images, which touched her and which she claims to have "tripped over" ten years ago, Karine Ponties envisions laying the chaos and diversity bare in Lichens by combining incongruous clips and letting the magic slip away in the details. In animated film, as in the choreographer's research, poetic emotion comes out of oppositions between the realities sparked by the editing or transformations.
This piece for six dancers presents itself as a mirror of humans in the 21st century; distracted, captive to the vast machinery of overabundant images and words. Humans who no longer have the space or time to produce their own imagination by themselves.
What if the poetic act was an act of resistance against the oppression of preconceived representations?

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