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04/11/2018 - 04/11/2018

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The Music Rooms are a legendary part of the BIG BANG Festival. Every time, this musical journey through the hidden rooms and forgotten corners of the festival sites brings up amazing surprises. Various fantastic mini-concerts await you behind the doors of lodges, broom cupboards, attics and cellars, classrooms and rehearsal spaces this year.   Mobile-Stabile - Tiptoe CompanyMobile-Stabile is a moving artwork, a dream machine. A musician arrives in a world where everything is detached and nothing is fixed. The sheep rotate endlessly, the guitarist floats above with his lullaby and together we count down to a stable balance. A show about the moment just before you fall asleep, the floating slumber between reality and dreams.With Mobile-Stabile from Tiptoe Company, the multi-talented members of Les Âmes Perdues and singer-composer Vigdis Hansa Elst.More info to come.  

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