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04/11/2018 - 04/11/2018

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The Music Rooms are a legendary part of the BIG BANG Festival. Every time, this musical journey through the hidden rooms and forgotten corners of the festival sites brings up amazing surprises. Various fantastic mini-concerts await you behind the doors of lodges, broom cupboards, attics and cellars, classrooms and rehearsal spaces this year.   Mobile-Stabile - Tiptoe CompanyMobile-Stabile is a moving artwork, a dream machine. A musician arrives in a world where everything is detached and nothing is fixed. The sheep rotate endlessly, the guitarist floats above with his lullaby and together we count down to a stable balance. A show about the moment just before you fall asleep, the floating slumber between reality and dreams.Struwwelpeter - LÂP / TRANSLAB Muziektheater TransparantDo you always eat all your soup - or do you leave some of it in the bowl? Do you still suck your thumb? When the hairbrush and nail clippers come out, do you know there’s going to be a scene? The multi-talented tearaways at Les Âmes Perdues (LÂP) present stories from the infamous book of Struwwelpeter and tell you all about what happens to naughty children…VAL - Vigdis Hansa Elst & Talia Van OverbergheA story of two people. They try to meet each other, make a connection and start a conversation. But is it actually possible for them to talk to each other? Can they make themselves understood properly? Does speaking help or can they say more with silence? What can sound do?With Mobile-Stabile from Tiptoe Company, the multi-talented members of Les Âmes Perdues and singer-composer Vigdis Hansa Elst.More info to come.  

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