28/03/2019 - 28/03/2019


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Over 2,000,000 followers on Instagram, 800,000 on Facebook and more than 200 shows in Europe, US and Africa for hundreds of thousands fans… MHD returns to the biggest venues in Europe followed by the US for the release of his 2nd album '19'.

Listen to:

"Afro Trap Part.3 Champions League":

"Afro Trap Part.7 La Puissance":

"Bella ft.WizKid":

Tickets: 32, 37 and 44 euros.

Cat. 1 seated: 44 euros

Cat. 2 seated: 37 euros

Cat. STANDING EARLY ENTRANCE - *priority entrance at 6 p.m.*: 37 euros

Cat. 3 seated: 32 euros

Cat. 3 STANDING normal: 32 euros

Caution! For tickets purchased at the box office an extra service charge of 2 euros per ticket will be charged.

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