01/12/2018 - 02/12/2018

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In 2013, Jorge Mateluna collaborated on the play Escuela about schools for urban guerrillas in the eighties. That same year, the police arrested him a few blocks from a bank robbery and accused him of being one of the robbers. Now, he is a prisoner, sentenced to 16 years in jail. However, evidence clearly indicates that the trial leading to his imprisonment was awed and unfair. The play Mateluna looks into this evidence and explores the ethical and artistic problems the theatre group faced when dealing with Jorge Mateluna’s sentencing and imprisonment. 

Mateluna, written and directed by Guillermo Calderón, describes the horror of injustice and how recent history has refused to honour the lives of those who fought against the dictatorship. The play premiered in October 2016 in Berlin as part of the The Aesthetics of resistance - Peter Weiss 100 festival at the Hau Hebbel Am Ufer theatre. 

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