Mothership, a funk odyssey fueled by cocktails


24/11/2018 - 24/11/2018

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Mothership special Crapulax birthday, stardust and cotillions. Guest: David Ghetto

As simple as that, a few talented guests handpicked by Crapulax and the staff of Café Floréo, are invited to share their gems found in their flightcase, once a month !

Take off with us aboard the mothership and enjoy one of our tasty cocktails, this is the specialty of the house ! We invite you to rediscover the music that has rocked us, from disco to hip-hop, through the Boogaloo and other funk classics, and then we finish it up properly, with the classic session of bloody boleros.

Free entrance
Café Floréo
Rue des Riches Claires 19, 1000 Brussels
Take a bus : 48, 86, 95, 128, a tram : 3, 4, 32, or a bike, your car, your friend's car and stop at Station Bourse.

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