Moussem Cities - Damas


01/02/2019 - 28/02/2019

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In the annual MOUSSEM CITIES festival, Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre and its partners in Brussels focus on an Arab metropolis. Each time, they choose a city with a rich and culturally diverse history, which plays a vital role in contemporary Arab societies through its artistic dynamism. Artists from the region and from the diaspora offer insight into their city and their work through performances, concerts, encounters, films, exhibitions, etc.
MOUSSEM CITIES 2019 gives the floor to the exigent voivces of artists from Damascus, Syria and the Syrian diaspora to ensure that stories and traditions are not lost amidst the violence. Current affairs inevitably imbue this edition with a weightiness. The festival is thus also offering Syrian artists and curators the opportunity to shape the programme so that their work and commitment is situated in the correct context.

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