Move 37 - Thomas Ryckewaert


22/10/2019 - 22/10/2019

Move 37 - Thomas Ryckewaert

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‘Move 37’ refers to a historic match of Go, the oldest board game in the world. In the 37th move, the Google-developed neural network AlphaGO beats the Go world champion Lee Sedol. Nobody had expected that a machine could beat a human.
For his lecture-performance Move 37, Thomas Ryckewaert researched artificial intelligence and cosmology. Along with cosmologist Thomas Hertog (KU Leuven), he explores ways of uncovering the radically strange. ‘We run up against the boundaries of our knowledge when we hear Hertog’s cosmological insights and that is an alienating but also humbling experience’, Ryckewaert says. Everything becomes unhinged: the human becomes alien, the computer becomes intuitive, your senses deceive you, and the robot…dreams.
• Thomas Ryckewaert studied biology, philosophy and theatre. All of these interests converge in his work for the theatre. In 2017, he presented Golem at Kaaitheater.
‘Move 37 is not just a traditional lecture-performance, it is also a kind of David Lynch film in which inexplicable things occur.’ – E-TCETERA

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