Movement Essays - Anneleen Keppens


18/12/2019 - 19/12/2019

Movement Essays - Anneleen Keppens Movement Essays - Anneleen Keppens Movement Essays - Anneleen Keppens Movement Essays - Anneleen Keppens

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Inspired by the essay in the tradition of Michel de Montaigne, Anneleen Keppens has choreographed and will dance three Movement Essays. Essays as in ‘essayer’ or to try: she is bringing the atmosphere of the rehearsal studio to the stage, asking questions, digressing, being surprised, and discovering connections. In On Tempo, Keppens attempts to make tempo visible. In On Shape, she engages in dialogue with the formal aspects of dance, with the suggestive power of images and the impossibility of the formless. In I am large – I contain multitudes, she embraces the richness of movement. Each of these three movement essays explores a different elemental dimension of abstract dance – while at the same time making associations outside dance. Together they form an intimate and multifaceted dance solo.
• Anneleen Keppens studied at the Antwerp Ballet School and at PARTS. Her work seeks to find a balance between abstract dance on the one hand and readability and transparency on the other. She has danced with, among others, Daniel Linehan, Xavier Le Roy and Rosas. In 2018, she presented her first choreography at the Kaaistudios: The moon is the moon is the moon.

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