30/08/2018 - 01/09/2018

Il contenuto non è disponibile in Italiano, perciò viene mostrato in un'altra lingua.

Like a satellite around an imaginary planet, Louis Vanhaverbeke puts himself in orbit, capturing various objects, the survivors of an improbable stellar collision: frisbee, funnel, vaporisers, plastic buckets, record players that are in an unstable equilibrium, eccentric machines, flying pancakes, etc.

With a very personal toolbox, he sweeps away references, transforms himself into a multi-function DJ, mixes meanings, moves from masculine to feminine, and slams! He is Mr Loyal from an intimate, multiple, uncategorizable circus where round devices come to life in a surreal and absurd way...
The show itself becomes an unidentified object, a highly appealing Do It Yourself cocktail.

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