My mother is a fish


27/02/2021 - 27/02/2021

My mother is a fish My mother is a fish My mother is a fish My mother is a fish

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As I Lay Dying is not a requiem. It’s a funeral without grieve, a pointless domestic tragedy that would have been turned into a grotesque tale by Faulkner’s unbridled writing. A choir of erratic and uncoordinated voices tell the story of a mother’s coffin that has been taken from one place to the other and finally ends up in the wrong place.

In My Mother Is A Fish, double bass player Sarah Murcia has teamed up with some of the musicians that created with her an homage to the Sex Pistols. Only punk jazzmen and Marc Tompkines’ voice and theatricality could be up for that challenge. No Future? Yes, a future in style!

C’est un roman presque choral où les voix se glissent les unes sur (et dans) les autres, où chaque chapitre se nourrit d’obsessions, de mots répétés comme des refrains ou parfois comme les phrases acérées d’un scherzo [...].  Jean-Guillaume Lebrun, La Terrasse

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