01/02/2019 - 02/02/2019

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Blackfacing is a phenomenon that makes stereotypes and prejudices painfully visible, one that has not yet been rejected by everyone in the public forum. In Black Off, South African performer Ntando Cele reverses the roles. Bianca White – Ntando Cele’s white alter ego – steps onto the stage in a blonde wig and blue contact lenses, completely whitefaced. 

White is a Rhodie, a white Zimbabwean globetrotter who gives self-help classes, meditates, works on behalf of children – she has even adopted several – and dreams of a white world in which everyone can conquer their inner and outer blackness…. At least until Vera Black, a black punker, enters the scene…  Via politically incorrect jokes and witticisms, the performer exposes the hidden racism that lies at the core of our everyday lives. 

Ntando Cele was born in South Africa and studied drama in Durban, worked at DasArts Academy in Amsterdam and is currently living and working in Switzerland. Her work questions the concept of identity, investigates prejudices and dismantles stereotypes. ‘Knowing a society is multicultural doesn’t necessarily mean that there is intercultural understanding.’ 

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