Natalya Boeva - Prizewinner ARD-Musikwettbewerb 2018


08/03/2020 - 08/03/2020

Natalya Boeva - Prizewinner ARD-Musikwettbewerb 2018

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The ADR-Musikwettbewerb is one of the world's most prestigious music competitions. Winning it is a major springboard in the careers of great artists. In 2018 the Russian mezzo-soprano Natalya Boeva astonished audience and jury alike with her seasoned interpretations of compositions by Verdi, Bach and Britten. She was quickly acknowledged as the winner. At BOZAR she sings Ravel’s sensual song cycle Shérérazade and Debussy’s Trois poèmes de Mallarmé. She then returns to her roots with Mussorgsky’s dark Songs and Dances of Death. Nalalya's voice is sweet and unforgettable.     

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