New Joy - Eleanor Bauer & Chris Peck


30/05/2019 - 01/06/2019

New Joy - Eleanor Bauer & Chris Peck

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It has nothing to do with happiness or optimism – those would fall under ‘Old Joy’. In New Joy, Eleanor Bauer confronts the chaos, excess, and absurdity of life head-on in this post-truth information age. To what extent are we able to distinguish real information from noise? Can we create new forms of understanding by cooperating better with one another and with machines?
To grasp the challenges of our age by the horns, New Joy imagines a 21st-century version of Dadaism: dataism. Jumping registers between different languages and forms, from body language to spoken language to computer language and back again. From emotional to artificial intelligence. From movement to sound. Bauer and her partner in crime, composer Chris Peck, mix aesthetic, social, and informational dimensions, resulting in a cyber a cappela Dataist opera. Be swept into the eye of the sensory information storm, where a training programme takes place for everyone who is grappling with life in the now.
•  As an artist-in-residence at Kaaitheater (2013-2016), Eleanor Bauer (ex-PARTS) presented productions such as her triangle-tent-time trilogy and the ‘talk show, variety show, shit show’ Bauer Hour. Along with Chris Peck and Ictus, she created This is not a Popsong and Meyoucycle.

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